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How often should your furnace filter be changed?

Depends on the filter; but typically every 30-60 days. The higher quality the filter, the longer you can go between changes.

How often should your furnace and air conditioner be cleaned?

Your furnace and air conditioner should be cleaned annually. Typically the AC is cleaned in the spring to prepare for summer and the furnace cleaned in the fall to prepare for winter.

Do whole house humidifiers cause mold in the duct work?

No, because the humidity levels are typically not high enough to cause mold.

Can money be saved by installing a programmable thermostat?

Yes, when set up properly a programmable thermostat can save money by reducing home energy costs.

Should the outside air conditioning unit be covered during winter?

Unless the cover is a specialized AC unit cover which allows air to pass through;  no cover is recommended.

Should the furnace vent outside be kept clear of debris?

Yes, check the vent area often to ensure no snow or landscaping is blocking the airflow.

My furnace has water leaking out from the bottom; where is that from?

92% and greater efficiency furnaces have a drain at the bottom that can get plugged if not maintained properly. 

I currently have a propane furnace and want to switch to natural gas, is that possible?

Yes, on majority of furnaces there is a conversion kit that can be purchased and the furnace can be converted to a different fuel source.

How often should I change the batteries in my thermostat?

Change the batteries annually.

Do you recommend a carbon monoxide detector in the home with a gas furnace?

Yes, we always recommend having a carbon monoxide detector in a home with any gas appliances.

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